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Glenfield Primary School

Primary School

Year 6


Reflectors-Mrs A Thomson

Philosophers- Miss S Kaur, Miss V Lewis

Support Staff:

Miss N Haynes

Miss Z Elkington


In year 6, the children work hard and are keen to achieve their very best. Click on the pages on the right to see some of their learning in action. 

Evie, Philosophers - "I've enjoyed learning about the different topics this year. In particular, I loved learning about fractions in more detail. I used to really dislike them and never fully understood them. I always needed support but now, with the support of my teacher and peers, I fully understand them and can solve any mathematical challenge involving fractions in a matter of minutes."

Harry,  Philosophers - "I've really enjoyed learning about fractions, decimals and percentages because I now understand them more. I also liked our Geography topic about North America. I found out that it is very different to England and I wold really like to go and visit." Click on the 'Displays' link on the right to see some of the children's work during this topic.