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Glenfield Primary School

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Design Technology

Year 3   D/T – Healthy Sandwiches

Over the past two weeks we have been learning and strengthening our D/T skills through cooking and creating healthy snacks.

As part of our Science looking at Balanced Diets and Nutrition, we were able to use our knowledge of different food groups and their jobs to design and produce a healthy sandwich of our own.

To begin with, we learned to bake our own bread, using a variety of different ingredients that we carefully measured out, mixed and kneaded to form a thick dough. We then shaped our dough into small rolls to be baked in the oven and be taste-tested later on. Following this, we produced a recount of our bread-making to help us share with others the skills we had learned.

We even learned about the process in which a small grain of corn becomes a key ingredient in a loaf of bread and we created an exciting story from the point of view of the wheat in its ‘Journey from Wheat to Bread.’

Next, came our favourite part. We became sandwich designers, choosing our bread type, fillings and extras to create the ultimate healthy sandwich. We were able to use our understanding of different food groups to help us choose the healthiest ingredients to include in our sandwiches and we were all keen and willing to try lots of new things!

We then used our designs to make our sandwiches, perfecting our knife skills by spreading butter and chopping peppers, mushrooms and cucumbers as well as learning to grate carrots and cheese. This part was great fun as we got to try our ingredients as we worked!

Finally, we created a set of clear, concise instructions for others to use to create an exciting, healthy sandwich of their own.