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Glenfield Primary School

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Online Learning

Microsoft Teams has been set up to be a safe platform for our pupils. It can only be accessed by school members of staff and school pupils. Children cannot message outside of the school. 

Sometimes, they may want to do research using the Internet. If they are, please ensure that your child is aware of how to use the Internet safely and tell their parents which sites they are using so they are monitored by an adult.

Here are the rules we use in class:

Here are some SMART rules to keep you safe online:

  • Never open any emails or reply to emails from strangers. If you aren't sure, tell an adult.
  • NEVER give your address, telephone number to someone else, especially strangers
  • Don't agree to meet up with anyone without telling your parents.
  • If someone sends you an email that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult.
  • If you see a website that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable, tell an adult.
  • Ask permission before entering a competition or contest.
  • Always ask permission before downloading anything from the Internet.

Launch Microsoft Teams


















If you have any problems with log on information please contact your class teacher through the year group email.