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Glenfield Primary School

Primary School

Year 3


Achievers-Miss L Albone

Communicators-Miss E Burton

Support Staff:

Mrs Bettles, Mrs J Osborne, Mrs C Hall

Moving Monsters- Spring Term

In DT, Year Three have been creating Monsters using junk modelling, paint and glue. To make our Monster move, we researched and experimented with pneumatic systems – this is where air is used to make an object move. We created our own ‘hovercraft,’ using only a balloon, a sports bottle cap and a disc. We were really surprised and excited when we were able to inflate the balloon and the disc ‘hovered’ across the table when the balloon deflated and the air created movement.

Now it was time to create movement in our own Monsters. We chose to use syringes and tubing to pump air through the tube and make our Monster move. We painted boxes and other recycled materials to create our Monsters. We then fitted our syringe pneumatic system to make our Monster move in different ways.

For many of us, the air created by the syringe pushed open the ‘mouth’ of our Monster or pushed out its tongue. We were really pleased and proud of our efforts when our Monsters came to life!

Take a look at some of our crazy creations!