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Glenfield Primary School

Primary School

Year 5

Investigators-Miss J Johnson

Researchers- Mrs N Quinn

Support Staff

Mrs D Statham

Mrs Z Elkington

Mrs S Rudkin

Spring Update

Our Trip To Martin High School

On Wednesday 14th March, the whole of year 5 had an amazing time at Martin High School for Pi Day. Three other primary schools attended the event, we were paired with The Hall School. There were a range of different challenges all linked to Pi Day.

First, we had various pictures, all with a Pi symbol on them as well as other pictures. We had to play Catch Phrase and work out what the pictures showed. After that, we used string, rulers and calculators to measure circles and divide the circumference by the diameter. We noticed that all our answers started with three point something. This was close to Pi.

Our last activity was to recreate Pi through making a paperchain. Each number, from 0-9, was  represented by a different coloured strip of paper, our paper chains were built up following the numbers in Pi.

We had an amazing time and would love to visit Martin High School again.

Lambing Trip

On Monday 19th March, Year 5 and the Solvers went to Brooksby College for a lambing trip. We saw animals such as Rams, Lambs, Sheep, Pigs and Cows. We learned about so many fascinating animals. We found out that when we arrived, we had just missed a lamb being born! Although it was really muddy, we all had a great time walking through the fields and running up the hill looking for badger setts.



September Update

At the start of term we had a visit from Gregolf The Viking. He showed us lots of different artefacts that he uses such as shields, spears, swords and knives. We looked at his different clothes and helmets and even got to try some on. The chainmail was really heavy and we had to bend over and shake so it could fall off over our heads. We looked at the differences between rich people and poor peoples artefacts and how they were made from different things.

In the afternoon we got to play some Viking games and listen to a myth about Freya, the Goddess of beauty.


We have put some photos below for you to look at.