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Glenfield Primary School

Primary School

Year 5

Researchers - Miss S Kaur and Mrs A Patel

Investigators - Miss S Johnson

Support Staff

Mrs C Hall

Mrs D Statham

Mrs J Osborne

Mrs M Dean

Mrs S Harris


The Vikings are here!

Year 5 had a fun-filled day when the Vikings came to visit them on Thursday 5th September! They shared their weapons, trade ideas and stories with us. They also told us about some of the games they used to play which we had the chance to play too (see picture below).


The Importance of Place Value

In Maths, Year 5 have been carrying out a number of activities linked to Place Value. A solid understanding of place value is so important as it links to all other areas of maths. The images below show them playing a game where they had to make the smallest and largest numbers possible. They had to think carefully about the value of each digit to do this.



On Thursday 12th September, some of the Year 5 children took part in Tri-Golf at Cedars Academy. The children played a number of games linked to golf and practised skills linked to other sports too.