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Glenfield Primary School

Primary School

Year 5

Investigators-Miss M Vaghela (Miss Bennetts)

Researchers- Mrs L Jameson

Support Staff

Mrs L Meadows

Mrs Z Elkington

Mrs A 

The Vikings are coming!

Year 5 have been well and truly immersed into the life of the Vikings during the Autumn term. We first got a visit from some Vikings, who shared their weapons, trade ideas and stories with us. We then explored how the Vikings came to be about in Britain. We started with the Lindisfarne raid, where we imagined we were news reporters at the time. We then discussed whether we felt Alfred the great was really great and gave our reasons to support us. Finally, during our History lessons, we looked at all the claims to the throne in 1066 and all shared our opinions on who we felt should have become king. If that was not enough Viking excitement, in our English lessons we have been learning all about the Viking gods through Viking sagas and we even had a go at writing our own 100 word mini saga.


Skills for life

We have been very lucky in year 5 to be able to participate in the Prince William award. Each Friday we take part in a session that has been designed to help us focus on a particular set of skills. Some of the main skills we have focussed on this year include trust, teamwork, respect and listening. We often have to solve problems together, with some of us being blind folded so it is important that we focus during these sessions. Not only are these sessions fun but they help us to understand important skills that can be used both in and out of school.


Problem solvers

During the autumn term, we have been revising and building on lots of our mathematical knowledge and skills. After quickly recapping column addition and subtraction, we moved on to trying the method with even bigger numbers. We then applied this knowledge to solve multi-step word problems, answer reasoning questions and use mathematical vocabulary to explain our methods. Next we moved on to line graphs, where we had to not only answer questions about line graphs but also be given data and create our own line graphs!