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Risk assessment Updated 4.3.21 - see attachment at the bottom of the page.



Drop off

Pick up


Gates open at 8:30 for parents/carers of these children only. Registration will be at 8:40. 

Gates will open just before 3:05 children in EYFS, Y1.

EYFS will be collected from their playground. Y1 children will be collected from outside classrooms. There are white dot markers all around the perimeter of the playground for parents to wait. The teachers will bring all the children out to you.



Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6

Access through the park side gate and church side gates will be from 8:40. Please do not arrive before this time as this may cause a build up around the gates. Y4 and Y6 pupils who do not have younger siblings should continue to use the Large Church Road gate.

Registration will be at 8:50.

Access will be from just after 3:10. Please do not arrive too early.

Y2 parents/ carers can use the line of white dots around the outside of the building to wait for children. This will allow space for others to pass by using the one-way system.

Y3 and Year 5 parents using the park side gates should follow the one -way system to the classroom. To avoid congestion at the end of the building, we have assigned an additional waiting area for Mr Brawn’s class. Other parents should keep to their right as they turn the corner. There are yellow markings to help you.

Y4 and Y6 parents should again use the large Church Road gates. Y4 children will be brought to the playground to meet parents. Parents should use the yellow socially distanced dots around the perimeter of the playground.

Speech and Language Provision

Children arriving by taxi will be met at the gate near the white ATC building by staff members. Children arriving with parents should also meet there at 8:40

Children will be taken to the ATC gate by our staff.

If you are using the small gate behind the church, please be careful if you cross the grass and be mindful that parents will be coming the other way and keep to the grass, if at all possible.


Pick up/ Drop Off

  • One adult only please

  • Leave the site promptly

  • Please do not arrive before your designated time above.

  • Walk, cycle or scoot to school. (We have moved one of the cycle racks for Y4 and Y6 pupils)

  • If using the park side gate, follow the one-way system

  • We ask that parents wear a mask when on the school site.

  • Older children can be left at the gate if possible.

Protective Measures in school

  • Regular handwashing/ sanitising upon arrival, before leaving and throughout the day (minimum 6 times)

  • Enhanced cleaning schedule throughout the day. All classrooms and teaching areas have a supply of cloths, sanitiser and gloves. A log is completed each time surfaces, light switches and door handles are cleaned throughout the day. Toilets will be cleaned throughout the day.

  • Children taught and play within their year group bubbles

  • Staggered breaktimes and lunchtimes

  • Children taught to “Catch it! Bin it! Kill it! Lidded pedal bins in all classrooms. Posters are displayed in each classroom to remind the children.

  • Children are provided with their own pencil case containing pencils, rulers, rubbers, sharpeners and erasers.

  • PE and play equipment will not be shared across year groups and will be sanitised after each use.

  • Children will sit at tables, in rows or L shapes.

  •  Until further notice, there will be no assemblies in the hall or school trips.

  • Classrooms will be well ventilated. Windows will be kept open.

  • Lunches will be eaten in the hall by EYFS, Y1,Y2,Y3 (All other year groups will will use the classrooms.)

  • Speech and Language Children will eat in the studio

  • Children to wear PE kit to school on PE days (You will be reminded when this will be)

  • We are unable to accept any cash payments in school. All payments should be made using the School Gateway System. Please download the APP if you have not done already.


  • It is expected that all children will attend school, unless they are unwell. Family holidays will continue to be recorded as unauthorised absences. Please avoid taking holidays in term time.

Further Advice for parents

  • Includes information about what happens if a child has symptoms of COVID 19



Many thanks for your support and understanding at this time.


Yours sincerely,


Kathy Martin,