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Glenfield Primary School

Primary School

Dramatic Performance 26.10.2016

 Children were treated to a spectacular performance of Hanuman The Hero by the Aakash Odedra theatre group. Staff and pupils were delighted with the show and it is clear from their comments that it was  entertaining and lively, but also carried some important messages.

“I liked the monkeys and I learned a lot about Diwali too. I also liked the dancing and the man did flips.” (Sam)

“I loved the part when the monkeys were telling the story. I liked it because it was interesting.” (Tyrese)

“I liked the show because it taught me a lot of things about Diwali and how they celebrate it. They said it doesn’t matter who you are, you can do everything. You have a choice be bad or good.” (Finlay)”

I liked the show because the boy monkey went JUST GET ON WITH IT ! “(James)

“Sikh’s aren’t the only ones that celebrate Diwali but Hindus do as well. I like the bit when the monkeys lifted the hero up and the hero did backflip a front flip.”(Izza)

“I loved the show ! It was the best ever. My favourite bit was when the man did back flips”. (Jace )