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Year 5

Class teachers:

Miss Kirby - Researchers

Mrs Harris/Mrs Setchfield - Investigators

Support staff:

Mrs Meadows

Mrs Moore



Hi everyone! 

My name is Miss Kirby, and I will be teaching the researchers in year 5! This is my first-year teaching at Glenfield Primary school and I have previously spent a lot of time teaching a year six class. 

Some of my favourite hobbies include baking, singing, and going on walks with my two dogs.  

I am very excited to work in such a lovely school and teach an amazing group of children! 





‘Hello everyone!

My name is Mrs Setchfield, I’m so excited to be joining Glenfield Primary and teaching, with Mrs Harris, in Year 5!

I love being a teacher and exploring lots of new topics with you. I like teaching all the subjects, especially English and Art but my favourite is teaching History. I like looking through windows into the past and discovering what we can learn about ourselves! 

I’m an artist and when I’m not teaching, I can often be found with a pencil in my hand (or in my hair) drawing pictures. I can’t wait to support you with your drawing skills too.

Have a wonderful holiday all, I’m talking looking forward to getting to know you better in the Autumn term.


Mrs Setchfield.’ 




Hello everyone!


      Mrs Harris


Hello everyone! My name is Mrs. Harris (most of you will remember me as Miss Lewis) and I will be teaching in year 5.

This will be my third year in year 5 and previously I have spent a lot of time in year 6 and year 3 so I am sure you will have seen me around school before- I have also taught some of you before which is very exciting! 

I love teaching all the different subjects but my most favourite is maths because I enjoy problem solving and spotting mathematical links in everyday life- not just in the classroom.

Some of my hobbies include hiking with my family and our lovely dog, Ted. I often go swimming and playing lots of different musical instruments.

I’m very excited about the next academic year and look forward to making new memories with you all.

Have a fantastic summer break, stay safe and I look forward to welcoming you back for the Autumn term.


Best wishes,


Mrs Harris